3 Wire ACC Hardwire Kit


3 Wires HK3 ACC Hardwire Kit Parking Mode Cable for A119V3, A129 Duo, A129 Duo IR, and A129 Pro Duo.

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HK3 ACC Hardwire Kit for Parking Mode

The HK3 3 Wire ACC Hardwire Kit allows us to activate the parking mode feature built-in on all A129 dash cam series and the A119 V3 dash cam. With this, your dash cam is capable of turning on anytime the camera’s sensors are triggered and start recording even when the vehicle is off.

This provides continuous power to your dash cam in parking mode but also acts as a battery discharge prevention system. And as a bonus this also frees up your cigarette lighter so you can still use it and charge your phone and other devices in the car.


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What's Included


The Hardwire Kit includes:

  • 3 Wire ACC Hardwire Kit

Technical Specifications

Cable Length 4 meters / 13 feet
Input Voltage 12/24V
Output 5V2A Max
Adjustable Voltage Protection Function 11.8V/23.6V, 12V/24V, 12.2V/24.4V, 12.4V/24.8V

Warranty & Exchange Policy

All HK3 ACC Hardwire Kit comes with a 90 days limited warranty against factory defect.

Please read in detail our warranty and exchange policy here: Warranty & Exchange



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